For those who can’t stop in business

For those who can’t stop in business

Work like a Pro: Fiat Doblò Cargo Maxi

Scion of a winning model (Doblò has been chosen by more than 1.4 million customers since 2000), the Nuovo Doblò Cargo aims to consolidate its leadership in this market sector, which accounts for 25% of all light commercial vehicles in Europe.

More functions, more performance and more value: Nuovo Doblò Cargo is “a better way of working”.

AutoMaster, the official distributor in Albania, has launched a bid for end-of-year holidays, but limited. For only €12’990 or 185 euros a month for Fiat Doblò Cargo you get the Maxi version (with the price of the base model). Diesel engine, volume 4.3 m3, capacity 1 ton.

Fiat Doblò Cargo comes with more features: load capacity, productivity, economic vehicle and low running costs, but at the same time increased security in use and maneuver.

A comprehensive update also for the passenger compartment, with new dashboard, fabrics, steering wheel, instrument panel graphics and door panels. Likewise, the functionality-driven configuration is visible in a series of specific ergonomic solutions, from the multifunction front bench seat for driver and two passengers, the quieter interior, the new infotainment and navigation systems and the gateway device. Also, as in the previous generation the Doblò Cargo’s load capacity and volume are both at the top of the category.

The second aim in developing the new Fiat Professional vehicle was performance and Doblò Cargo ensures the best handling and driving comfort in its class. The range also extends to include the new “EcoJet” version – equipped with the 70/95 hp – which combines reduced running costs and low fuel consumption (improvement of up to 15%).

Standard devices:
ABS + EBD braking system • Central locking with dashboard • Air conditioning • Driver and passenger airbag • Radio control • Electric front windows • Electrically operated steering wheel • Discs steel 15 ”

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